Extreme Makeover by Image Consultant


Nothing is more fun than an extreme makeover by an image consultant. But did you know that this process can also cause you to change your life?


An image consultant waltzes into the room, expecting to see a normal individual. Instead, he sees an unkempt and savage face, straggly hair, and a knotted sweater covered with lint and bits of paper. His smile disappears until the client says, “Please help me!” That’s when your image makeover begins in earnest.

You both know that this is going to be an extreme makeover.

In the industry, this is known as an extreme makeover because the result will be revolutionary. The client will be so changed for the better that friends and neighbors may not recognize her. In fact, she may not recognize herself.

A few years ago I had the challenge of doing an extreme makeover for a client whose family had pleaded with me to change a young man’s life. Unfortunately the boy was resistant and never agreed to the makeover. He made fun of me and my professional skills. He pointed out that I myself wasn’t perfect, so why should he try to improve. The sad truth is that no image consultant, even the most well-intentioned, can force a person to change. The desire for change must come from within. The sad truth is that two years later that boy was dead, an apparent suicide.

I’m not saying that I could have saved his life by giving him a new look, only that by failing to take the opportunity for a change he was probably dooming himself. Because an extreme makeover could have helped him gain not only a new physical look but a new positive attitude toward life. Such is the power of the image.


Not only do others see your image before they even hear your name or voice, but your image makes a more lasting impression on them than anything you will say or do. That’s the result of a recent research study underscoring the value of caring for your appearance.

Carl Jung pointed out that the self is one of the archetypes that has the most powerful influence on our interactions with others and our sense of satisfaction with life. The self is comprised of our personality as well as our appearance. We cannot change the genetic material we were born with, or the fact that aging is inevitable, but we can change many aspects of our appearance, including grooming, wardrobe, diction, and manner. An image consultant can help with all these things. In the final analysis, an image consultant can be a life changer and a lifesaver.

I will never forget my experience with the boy who refused to heed my advice. It changed my life and gave me the desire to reach out to help others whenever I could. That is one of the reasons I am writing this article now. I am reaching out to you to encourage you to seek out the advice of an image consultant. Not because I think your life needs to be saved by the process. But because I know your life will be enriched.


So often I hear people complain that the use of an image consultant is expensive or that it is time-consuming. But the opposite is more likely true. The fee charged by an image consultant needs to be seen in relationship to the enormous and continuing advantages that accrue to those who use such a service. The life-changing effect that comes from the new look, and the new confidence, cannot be measured in financial terms.

An extreme makeover can change a person forever and set a life that is on the wrong course back on the right course. I was never able to help that poor unfortunate boy make the change. But by writing this article I hope I have opened your mind to the potential that lies before you. I urge you to consider how many unexpected good things might come your way if you open your mind and allow an image consultant to share a few tips and tricks with you in the near future. We really do want to help.

Copyright (c) 2010 William Cane

Increased Consulting Fees Through Self-Confidence

Sometimes consultants and other service providers are
hesitant to charge a fair rate for their services.

Maybe they feel that the services they provide are so
basic that you really can’t justify charging much or
anything for them.

Perhaps they feel that they don’t have the knowledge or
experience that other consultants have.

Thus, they hesitate to charge fair rates because of a
lack of self-confidence. This is natural (especially
for new consultants). However, what you know and do has
real value.

By the way, I’m sure that most people find it more
appealing to deal with someone who is humble enough to
admit their limitations than someone who is arrogant and
cocky and not as great as they think they are.

To stay in business, though, you need to charge a fair
price for all of your services. Fair means fair to the
client but also fair to you.

You can enjoy increased consulting fees by developing
more self-confidence.

1. Don’t Take Your Skills for Granted

First of all, we tend to take our assets for granted.
If you are an expert bookkeeper and good with numbers,
you may feel it’s easy to do the work you do. Yes, it’s
easy for you but not for others.

You may actually have an aptitude for what do. You may
have a gift that others don’t have. Perhaps, through
hard work and applying yourself, you have developed a
marketable skill.

Second, even if someone were fairly good with numbers,
it might not be a good use of time for that person to
do the bookkeeping. By outsourcing this work, time can
be more productively spent on other activities crucial
to the business.

Bookkeeping may seem pretty basic but if you ask your
accountant to do it for you, he’s going to charge you
extra. Why? It takes his (or his staff’s) time.

Your services may also improve your client’s bottom
line. That being the case, your client is profiting
from your services.

Thus, by realistically evaluating the value of your
skills and other assets, you can boost your
self-confidence for increased consulting fees.

2. Increased Consulting Fees Despite Inexperience

Just because there are people more knowledgeable and
experienced than you doesn’t mean that you can’t charge
for what you can do.

The top tax lawyers in the country may be more expert
than other lawyers but who can afford them? For most
clients, hiring them would be overkill.

Sometimes you might feel inadequate because you know you
are still learning. You realize that you don’t know
everything there is to know about your field.

Who does? We’re all learning! Get paid for your on-the-job

If you know some things that your client doesn’t and you
can help him improve his business, then you can offer
a valuable service.

Don’t under-estimate the value of your services.

Again, self-confidence can lead you to enjoy increased
consulting fees.

3. Increased Consulting Fees for Additional Services

Many feel that their clients wouldn’t pay extra for
certain additional services offered.

How do they know? Have they asked their clients?

Make your case for the extra fees. How could the services
offered help improve the profitability of your client’s

Replace unappreciative clients (who undermine your
self-confidence) with appreciative ones.

Selling value-added services is one way to obtain an edge
over your competitors. For example, a web designer who
is knowledgeable about search engine optimization could
help increase their client’s targeted web traffic which
could result in increased sales and profits.

Premium services deserve premium rates.

In summary: Don’t take your skills for granted. Lack of
experience doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer.
Charge for all your services. Yes, your self-confidence
can result in increased consulting fees for you.

So You Want to Be an IT Consultant?

I will assume that you are either a student in high school or someone looking to change their career into an IT consultancy role. Firstly, I would like to tell you that I have been in the IT consultancy business for over 10 years working in 3 of the largest firms in the world, so listen up.


You will need an education specializing in information technology or information systems. Ideally to be selected into a top IT consulting firm you want a bachelors degree at a top university. With a credit or distinction average it will set you apart from all the other candidates. If a bachelors degree is out of your reach for any reason, the next best thing is a private college for some first level certification. Make sure you are at your college or university to LEARN not just to get a degree or certificate.

Getting the Job

So you got a degree or certification, now you need to find a job. Your resume must be pristine. It should outline your career goal, your achievement and work experience. Your resume should be 2 – 3 pages maximum. You want the potential employer to look at your resume and think, “OK we need to interview this person.” Get a professional resume reader to fix up your resume.

The Interview

The first thing interviewers notice is your body language and verbal communication. Be clear and confident with motive in your voice. If you are naturally shy, you need to practice your interview technique with friends and family. Get them to ask you some questions you have prepared for the interview. If you really need to, record yourself, look at your posture, listen to your tone of voice. Most importantly, answer the question they ask you, if you can’t, don’t lie.

Got the Job

Congratulations, you’re officially an IT consultant. My personal recommendation is for you to get the experience you need to succeed in the industry. The IT world is full of problems, don’t stress! This is why you are hired to FIX these problems. Start from a high level view of the problem and come up with a solution. Document your findings. Work hard in the first few years and build up your reputation as a reliable and honest worker. This will make sure that your future is bright in the IT consulting career.

Progressing in your IT consulting career

To progress in your IT career, you need to focus on specialization. Will you specialize in testing? development? business analysis? Currently the focus is on architects. Architects analyse and construct whole projects on a very high level. Many consultants also go through a sales route, in which they become partners or leaders of a practice. Which one are you? Make this decision early, and it will save you a lot of time and effort.

In conclusion, this article should have given you a clear idea of what you need to become an IT consultant and how can achieve your dreams and goals in the IT consulting competency.

Complimentary Consultations: What They Are And What They Are Not

Let’s start with what a complimentary consultation is not.

It is not a place to give away free coaching, consulting, or services.

In my business philosophy, a complimentary consultation is not a place for a ‘hard sell’ either.

The purpose of a complimentary consultation, also referred to as a discovery session, strategy session, sample session, get acquainted call, etc., is for you and your potential client to get to know one another a bit and to determine if the two of you are a good fit to work together.

You are interviewing each other.

Yes, they are assessing whether or not they want to work with you and if what you offer meets their needs.

And yes, you are assessing them to determine whether or not you want to work with them. Are they your ideal client? Are the two of you in alignment? There is so much more for you to consider than just finding out whether they want to pay for your services.

Free consultations are pretty standard, and in the era of online businesses, they’re almost a necessity. Think about it, if you haven’t met a person, and all you know of them is what they write on their blog, website, or social media, wouldn’t you want to get to know them with a little personal attention before you hit the buy now button? Of course you would! And so do your prospective clients.

So, what are the essentials for hosting your successful consultations?

One, it’s imperative that you position yourself as the expert. Someone is coming to you because they have a problem they’d like to solve, and they don’t know how to solve it on their own, so they’ve approached you, the expert.

Be the expert.

Think of yourself as a physician. A patient with an ailment comes to you looking for relief. Your job is to ask lots of targeted and insightful questions to identify the underlying problem, their pain points, what they most want relief from, and then determine where they want to go so you can propose an appropriate solution.

Two, these calls are about service, not acquisition. If you want to truly be a respected expert, you cannot be trying to get something from your consult. You are simply there to identify their problem and offer a solution – to be of service. Coming from a place of service not only gives the conversation space and allows the two of you to connect, but it also alleviates all the pressure of a ‘hard sell’ (which no one likes and everyone’s afraid of).

Three, ask thoughtful and guiding questions. You need to identify where the root of the problem is. Someone might say they have no time, but what they’re really saying is they’ve been so stressed in their days that even when they’ve finished work they can’t be present with their family and it’s starting to strain that most important relationship. They might come to you because they cannot seem to do the thing they most want to do. They hope you can help.

Your goal is to help guide them into what the real problem is, and ask them to identify what will happen if they don’t solve it. It’s not always comfortable, but sometimes your consult client will need to describe it for themselves before they can allow help to enter.

Four, stay in the conversation. If you know, truly know, that you can help this person you’re speaking to, and what’s more you want to help them, then it is your job to stay in the conversation as the person who can guide them to the transformation they desire. Be present, hold the space, and keep talking. Sometimes people say no, but if you stay in the conversation, they turn that no into a yes – all you had to do was stay with them.

Five, detach from the outcome. Remember I said that you do not want to come to a consultation with the expectation that you will get something from the person you’re speaking to? I understand that you want to build your business. I understand that you need paying clients to do that. This is true.

What is equally true is that there is another human being on the line with you who has trusted enough to talk to you. They have stepped out of their comfort zone and shown their pain and their vulnerability to you. Respect that.

Respect that human being who is your potential client.

Center yourself. Detach from the outcome.

Stay present and be of service.

Be open to the possibilities that may come from this conversation. Be open and receptive to the idea that there is more to be gained than an immediate ‘yes’ and that there is more to lose, way more, when you push for an outcome that you believe is in your best interest.

The great thing about consultations is, even if you don’t enroll a person today, on the spot, you’ve created a connection. And in a harried and over-stimulated online world, a real connection goes a long long way. You never know when that person will turn around and hire you, recommend you, or sing your praises from the cyber rooftops.

I recommend you do as many complimentary consultations as you possibly can.

Only good things can happen when you host complimentary consultations with an intention to position yourself as an expert, come from a place of service, connect with others, and detach from the outcome.

Only good things.

How to Screen A Prospective Business Development Consultant

There are plenty of business development consultants out there, ready and willing to offer their services to help you raise your revenue, cut costs, build a stronger organization, or even create and implement a successful long-term growth strategy. But while what many consultants may offer looks very promising, it is clear that you want to do your due diligence before hiring one. How do you screen a prospective business development consultant before you start paying him or her?

The first quality you want to pay attention to is the listening ability of the consultant you are in communication with. Does he or she really understand what your business is like, how it runs, and what your role in your business is? Do you have the experience of being understood, listened to, and heard? In other words, can the professional hear not only what you are saying, but also get the situation behind the words that has you say what you say? Can that consultant then communicate to you that they really see how things are for you, in a way that you experience being on the same wavelength? The best way to describe this is to really just put it this way: do you “click” with the business development consultant you are looking to hire?

Even more importantly, effective business development consulting services require not only that the person you are working with understands you, but also that they can offer relevant and applicable feedback that meets your needs, while also empowering you to take action to get the results you are paying for. To what extent do you see that this is possible given the communication skill and style of the business development consultant?

Finally, and most importantly, you want to take a look at the integrity of the consulting services you are speaking to. Are people returning your emails or phone calls promptly? Are they delivering what they said they would by when they said they would do it? Is the quality of the response or work delivered professional, effective, and complete? Many times, in the search for the right business development consultancy, you may find yourself attracted to slick marketing proposals, when underneath the facade you may simply find weasel words and ways out. Do your homework! Consult references, read reviews, and above all, listen to yourself.

At best, you will find yourself a business development consultant who may be your partner for the life of your business. At worst, you will have learned something very valuable about how to search for the right people to fill out a business team that will actualize your vision.

Recruitment Consultants – What Exactly They Do To Get You A Job

What these recruitment consultant know about? What is the role of a recruitment consultant. Different people have different experiences of recruitment agencies. For some recruitment agency was an agency that searches for your prospective and positions that suits your requirements and would give you periodic reporting. For others, these are the agencies which would require you to fill numerous forms, resumes/CVs and then never contacts you back. A good recruitment consultant is employed by most of the recruitment agencies. To understand the opportunities or field that would be best for the prospective employees are interviewed or undergone various tests.

Lot of this depends upon the tactics that you use in job search. However, being a good candidate you may register with one, two or many agencies to target a specific market. In any case you choose it is very important that you stay in an amiable relationship on a regular basis with your recruitment consultant. The best way to get a job in any industry is to make a good impression in the minds of the consultants. Your consultant should be very well aware of your name and capabilities. Consultants are the people that have all the information about the market regarding the best vacancies available. A recruitment consultant would also have to stay in regular contact with them.

You need to be in regular touch with the consultant once you are on the forefront of the consultant’s mind. Recruitment Consultant receives lots of CV’S or resumes that are vital,therefore it is very important that he or she contact the placement cell daily for new openings. Remember all this otherwise you might not like to be left when any new opening is there. You qualifications and skills should be matched to a particular employer.These recruitment consultants need to understand your requirements and preferences so that they can select or find the job of your dreams.

Its you who would have to take initiative and stay in contact with them as these recruitment consultant respond better if they have formed cordial relationships with clients. These consultants are an expert and would be very helpful in the design of your resume or CV. All types of resumes have a certain difference according to the profession he or she chooses. These consultants would keep the interest of prospective employers. To attract more and more employers these consultants would include transferable skills that could be applied in both the arenas. Just like good service, a good consultant is very important for your selection in a good company. So avail the services of a recruitment consultant and ease your lifestyle. Similar to a good CV or degree, good consultant is also very important in placement or recruitment process.

What You Need to Consider When Investing in a Business Consulting Franchise

What Experience Do You Have?

You will have a major advantage if you already have experience of running, or working within, a successful business; or in sales and marketing; or in lecturing in business studies and marketing; or in business or marketing consulting.

Having the right kind of business experience, expertise, and knowledge already, puts you in a strong position to enjoy early success as a business consultant working within the legal framework of your franchise agreement, and the support structure available within the organization. You have all that expertise already, but now you also have the trusted brand behind you, a collection of marketing and analytical tools, and ongoing training resources and support for when you need it.

If you don’t have the appropriate experience, all is not lost. You can attend various business and marketing courses at community colleges and universities, and online courses are also now available to you. A good franchisor should also be providing a comprehensive training course when you first invest in the franchise, along with ongoing professional development, so if you have a strong desire to become a business consultant then you can still do so. Just take into account the time it will take for you to acquire the appropriate expertise to get started successfully.

What You Need To Run Your Consultancy Business

You will need premises, but a room in your home will be suitable, or you can rent a small office somewhere. You can even use the services of an online virtual office (internet based) if you do not need to meet clients on your own premises. Normally, you will be meeting clients where their own business is located.

You need internet access, maybe your own web site, you need a telephone, computer and printing equipment, stationery supplies including letterheads and business cards, travelling expenses, maybe a car, marketing materials and resources, and possibly personal and professional training in addition to what your franchise company supplies.

All in all, your expenditure can be kept to a minimum, and is nothing like what would be required to operate a normal business.

The Cost of Your Consultant Franchise

Your big financial consideration, of course, is the franchise fee. Just like starting any kind of business you will have a relatively high up front capital investment. You won’t, however, have to pay for expensive premises, equipment, manufacturing, stock, and staffing.

Instead, you are paying a franchise fee to buy into the franchise, with all the benefits that brings to you. Franchise fees vary greatly so you need to do a lot of research to compare what you get for your money. Like anything, you get what you pay for. What seems like a good deal might prove a disastrous investment if you don’t receive the support and resources you expect, or if there is not enough business available for you, or there is too much competition.

Many banks are happy to lend money for a franchise business they approve of, provided you satisfy their credit rating requirements, so if you don’t have the capital needed to invest in a really good business consultancy franchise, this can be the way for you to go.

What You Need to Check Before Investing in a Consulting Franchise

* Speak to some business consultants for advice

Ask one or two franchise consultants to recommend a reputable business consultancy franchise in your country.

* Do your market research

What kind of businesses will you be expected to consult with? How many such businesses are in your area? What competition can you expect from other business consultants in your region? What prospects are there for future growth? If your franchise agreement does not restrict you to a specific area then you have the advantage of consulting with businesses in other areas.

You need to be satisfied that you will have access to plenty of business consulting opportunities and that the potential market for you is extensive enough to keep you in business for a long time.

* Speak to some current franchisees

Speak to some current franchise owners already working with the business to find out first hand what their own experiences are. You are trying to find out if the amount of work required, the running expenses, and the income being earned, matches up with what the franchise company is promising you. The head office staff will always paint a rosy picture but this may be very different to what consultants in the field are finding.

Of course, if you are considering a newly launched franchise operation, then you will be unable to speak with active consultants because there won’t be any! There lies a big advantage, possibly, if you are one of the first to purchase a franchise and help get the business launched. There may well be a discount on the franchise fee during the initial launch period.

* Read the prospectus and franchise agreement several times

You need to read very carefully all these documents to get a complete understanding of every aspect of the business. You need to know all your rights and responsibilities, what you can and cannot do.

It is highly advisable to ask a fully qualified franchise lawyer to check the franchise agreement which is a legal document. It is no good asking a general lawyer because he will not understand many of the terms of the contract. You MUST go to a lawyer who specializes in franchise agreements because he can properly advise you. It’s worth spending a little money at this stage to check there is nothing in the agreement that could cause you a big problem later on, after you have invested a lot of money in purchasing the franchise.

* Find out all the ongoing costs before you invest

You will know the initial investment required to purchase the franchise. You must also find out what other costs are involved, apart from the normal day-to-day running costs.

There is normally a monthly charge payable to the franchisor (the franchise company) that pays for the ongoing support and backup. This will be either a flat fee, or a percentage of your profits. There is usually, also, a fee to be paid to renew your franchise every few years or so, and this will vary according to the type of consultancy.

* Investigate the level of income you can expect

The Company should be able to provide you with income projections based on different levels of commitment on your part. No level of income can be guaranteed, of course, because there are so many variables, but you should be given spreadsheets with examples of what you can expect to earn based on certain conditions.

* Will you be provided with operating manuals and other essential resources?

How much information and guidance will you be given to help you run your consultancy business? The whole purpose of a franchise business is it provides you with a proven system to follow, and if you follow the system, then you should be successful. So how detailed is the system you will be following, and do you feel confident you can do so?

* What kind of training and support can you expect?

You are paying a substantial sum of money for your franchise. Find out as much as you can about the training you will be given when you start, and about the ongoing training and support you can expect. Speak with the management team, meet them if you can. Are they people you can work with? Are they approachable and supportive? Do you trust them? You will be part of a team so make sure it is a team you want to be part of!

Consulting – How to Dress to Impress

The English saying “The clothes make the man” could perhaps be seen as a business truism or fundamental, and in no industry is this more apparent than the consulting industry, where appearance and perception is everything.

Consulting as a sector relies greatly on reputation and branding regardless of size. Whether your business is a global big four, such as Deloitte or KPMG, or a small single operator or boutique firm, your credibility and your pipeline both depend on the success of your engagements and the resulting positive branding and reputation gains which flow from them.

Consider the legacy of Arthur Andersen, perhaps one of the finest examples of how reputation can make or break an operation. Andersen was known throughout the world as a tier one consulting business, and provided services across the globe to customers in all business sectors, ranging in size from the SME market to the Fortune 500. However, following the collapse of Enron, Andersen was embroiled in a scandal where it was alleged that they attempted to pervert the course of justice, by impeding federal investigations and destroying evidence, all in an attempt to avoid criminal liability.

The perceived reputational damage created by the investigation caused Andersen customers to flee in droves, seeking refuge with other, safer, audit organizations. Then, when the company was found guilty of perversion, the company’s accounting license was suspended and tens of thousands of employees lost their jobs because no company would procure services from such a bad apple.

After all, what would the customers think?

The Andersen collapse highlights that the perceived image of a company directly affects the acquisition, engagement and retention of customers.

Today, large consulting organizations utilize social media, YouTube, traditional media, and commentary to alter, shape, and refine perceived reputation. In layman terms, we call this “branding”.

As employees, when we visit the customer, we represent the brand of the organization, and are living examples of corporate values, customer fulfillment, and business professionalism. All of these factors combine to create a psychological impression in the customer, which ultimately will shape how they perceive both the efficacy of the consultant, and the quality of their organization.

As a consulting manager I have delivered services across many industry sectors. In each, a company will have varying expectations related to professional dress standards, stemming from company values, reputation management, safety or even culture. However, despite these differentiators, the consulting industry is a very different animal. When an external consultant arrives on site, be they an auditor or management advisor, the customer is seeking professional services in a business function that is either high risk, highly complex, or not fully understood. As a result, the consultant is perceived as a problem solver, who will be highly educated, highly articulate, and able to deliver services that will be understood and championed by all levels of the business from coal-face worker to executive.

In such a game, perception is everything. For that reason, in no other industry is how an individual dresses and presents more important.

Traditional business attire is a must, and should also be taken to an extreme. The “dark suit, dark tie” mentality from International Business Machines is probably the best starting point, however it also known that a pin stripe suit is perceived in organizational psychology as displaying both power and traditionalism. So for that reason, and to provide an image of traditional conservatism mixed with power, a consultant should wear a dark, three piece, pin stripe suit, preferably in black, navy or dark grey; the stripe should not be confrontational and should be vertical only, without cheques, and the width should be judged by the tailor to provide increased height perception.

Women should not wear pantsuits, and should always present with a pencil skirt, dark pin stripe suit, supported by natural or dark sheer stockings. Research indicates that male customers have a significantly more positive reaction toward females in power when they are not attempting to undermine “perceived masculine authority”. By highlighting their femininity, female consultants are leveraging the innate bias of human sexuality and physical attraction in the reputational management game.

The shirt or blouse should be white, crisp, and pressed or ironed before work. Coloured shirts should be avoided as humans have bias reactions based on colours. An inappropriate choice could have a consultant labelled in different industries; for example, selecting a pink shirt while working with a petrochemical or mining client could easily have a consultant labelled as homosexual. Such a label will then influence how the consultant, and also their work is perceived by the customer due to the strong conservative biases that many employees in these blue collar industries hold.

All men must wear a conservative tie, with a matching or contrasting pocket square, and all ties should be made using a double Windsor knot. The tie must be worn underneath the waistcoat at all times, and the tip of the tie should not be visible at the base of the coat. Women may have an open necked blouse, and need not wear a tie.

Shoes should be traditional, full leather, black, and of handmade quality; they must be worn with dark socks for men and sheer stockings for women. An excellent choice of men’s’ shoemaker is Crockett & Jones, from the United Kingdom, and women should consider a premier maker such as Ferragamo; women’s’ shoes must be high heeled in all cases and must not support a heel in excess of four inches, in cold climates, heeled boots to below the knee are permissible. Shoes should be considered a high priority as more than 70% of customers will form value opinions based on shoe quality when they first meet an individual, for that reason, shoes should also be maintained and kept highly polished at all times. Once damaged, shoes should be either immediately repaired or replaced entirely.

Overcoats, gloves and outerwear must be dark in colour and made of traditional high value material such as cashmere, the only exception to this rule is the traditional camel overcoat, which is also permissible. In colder climates such as Northern & Eastern Europe, China, or Canada, full fashion length leather or furs are permitted. Care must be taken however to limit use of full length leather on males with Jewish clients, due to the perception of leather and its colloquial linkage to the Nazis. Furs should be limited to full fashion length over a suit, and must not be short fur jackets, which are often associated to evening wear. Outerwear must also be removed upon arrival at the client, and the suit jacket must be worn at all times, but may be unbuttoned for comfort.

Men and women may wear silk scarves of a conservative colour in cold climates, or may select a fur scarf. Under no circumstances however may fur scarves be matched with a fur overcoat.

Accessories are also of critical importance in a consultant’s appearance and should form part of a standardization process in all companies. Under no circumstances should a tier one consultant wear or carry any product that is not of a natural material. All folders, luggage, briefcases, belts and wallets or other accessories should be made of leather, be dark in colour, and made by a premier brand such as Mont Blanc, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton.

Jewellery is also an area where many candidates either apply too much or too little, to make the most useful client impact. Consultants should limit jewellery to yellow, rose or white gold and should wear no more than two rings at any one time, these should be limited to engagement, wedding, signet and class rings only. Watches should always be worn on the left wrist, and must be able to fit underneath the shirt cuff when fastened with a cufflink. All watches should be from a tier one producer such as, Omega, Panerai, or IWC. On the right wrist a bangle or men’s bracelet is acceptable, again made from yellow, rose or white gold only.

Finally, only females should wear earrings, and they should be either single studs through the ear lobe, or a small hoop style. Under no circumstances should any other form of body art, such as multiple ear piercings, body or facial piercing or tattooing be visible.

By utilising this tier one dress guide, consultants will not only dress to impress, they will present with the impeccable standards expected in big four, or at a management consultancy such as McKinsey.

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Experience Highly Pleasurable Stay at an Affordable Hotel in Lubbock TX

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Lubbock, TX, 19 April, 2018: If you are looking forward to getting away from your regular life full of work, then you can plan a getaway to the city Lubbock in Texas. There are several hotel options available for visitor’s stay. If you need a well-reputed hotel in Lubbock TX, then Studio 6 Lubbock can be an excellent choice for your need because it will provide easy access to the worth visiting attractions here.

It is an excellent extended stay hotel near Lubbock International Airport that offer neat and cozy rooms to their guests, well-developed with all amenities. At this Studio 6, they take real pride in offering the best choice in affordable hotels in this part of Texas. If you want to get all the requisite facilities in a hotel at the good rates, then there is nothing better than this hotel because they offer all exciting facilities at the best possible rates, and it makes them one of the best Lubbock Airport budget hotels.

It is one of the highly regarded hotels near Texas Tech University, providing comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities to all guests at the pocket-friendly rates. Every room at this Studio 6 features free Wi-Fi and a kitchenette with stove, microwave, full-size refrigerator, pots, pans, dishes, a coffee maker, a toaster and more.

For business travelers, this smart choice of kitchenettes hotels in Lubbock TX fits the bill. For a comfortable stay no matter what brings you to town, they have everything what you want. All the staff members of the hotel are very friendly and supportive.

About the Hotel: Studio 6 Lubbock is a smart hotel in Lubbock TX that offers great value, amazing comfort and the safest, most peaceful stay you can imagine. To know more details visit http://www.dodbusopps.com/180499/23.htm