SugarCRM Consultants – A Valuable Element in the Software Product

Whether a licensed proprietary software package or an open source product, a software system is only as good as the support behind it. SugarCRM consultants are committed to supporting your business and its software needs from start to finish. This support begins before your software is installed, and continues for the duration of your product use. It is the goal of these professionals to ensure that the product you are using is designed specifically to suit your needs, and that your employees know how to use it correctly and effectively.

During the initial contact phase, SugarCRM consultants will work with you to verify in what ways your business can benefit from the software, and which modules will be advantageous for you. Your system should have exactly what you need, no more and no less. The developers and technicians helping you build your system understand that and will take the time to learn about your business and how it works so they can make appropriate recommendations. If, after installation of the product, you find a module unnecessary or you find that there is something you need from your software that you cannot achieve, SugarCRM consultants are available to make the necessary corrections.

Service, however, is about more than just developing the software. Consultants will come to your place of business to train your staff on how to use the system, and they will stay once your office goes live to offer activation support as needed. This is important, because learning about something and actually using it are often very different from one another. SugarCRM consultants will be physically available for troubleshooting and one-on-one training throughout the process of bringing your software on board. They will train your staff how to use the software and they will work with them about how best to use a customer relationship management system overall. This includes the software, as well as the actual philosophies and mindset necessary to make a CRM work.

Once your software system is up and running, and the SugarCRM consultants have backed out of the process physically, they are still available. Phone support is offered during the business day, and webs support is available round the clock. Phone support is not offered by call center personnel, but rather, you will talk to one of the SugarCRM analysts and developers, because that is how you can be ensured a solution to your issues in the most timely manner possible.

Throughout every step of the installation and support process, your consultants will continually seek feedback from yourself and your employees. This is the only way they can be sure that the training is worthwhile and that your company has everything you need to be successful. Through a constant give and take of ideas and feedback, they can guarantee that the product they are helping you set up and maintain is meeting all of your needs and the use of the product is a seamless part of your office processes. These professionals understand how important it is that your employees are content and comfortable with the system in order for it to work.

SalesAgility are SugarCRM experts. With offices in Manchester and Central Scotland, we’re ideally placed to serve your SugarCRM requirements. As consultants, we design and implement tailored Sugar instances. As software developers, we design and deliver customised instances of Sugar that meet the more specialist needs of our clients. As a support organisation we deliver training, hosting and help-desk services to ensure that our clients continue to get best value from their Sugar CRM investment.