Extreme Makeover by Image Consultant

EXTREME MAKEOVER Nothing is more fun than an extreme makeover by an image consultant. But did you know that this process can also cause you to change your life? THE IMAGE CONSULTANT MAKEOVER TO END ALL MAKEOVERS An image consultant waltzes into the room, expecting to see a normal individual. Instead, he sees an unkempt [...]

Increased Consulting Fees Through Self-Confidence

Sometimes consultants and other service providers are hesitant to charge a fair rate for their services. Maybe they feel that the services they provide are so basic that you really can’t justify charging much or anything for them. Perhaps they feel that they don’t have the knowledge or experience that other consultants have. Thus, they [...]

So You Want to Be an IT Consultant?

I will assume that you are either a student in high school or someone looking to change their career into an IT consultancy role. Firstly, I would like to tell you that I have been in the IT consultancy business for over 10 years working in 3 of the largest firms in the world, so [...]

Complimentary Consultations: What They Are And What They Are Not

Let’s start with what a complimentary consultation is not. It is not a place to give away free coaching, consulting, or services. In my business philosophy, a complimentary consultation is not a place for a ‘hard sell’ either. The purpose of a complimentary consultation, also referred to as a discovery session, strategy session, sample session, [...]

How to Screen A Prospective Business Development Consultant

There are plenty of business development consultants out there, ready and willing to offer their services to help you raise your revenue, cut costs, build a stronger organization, or even create and implement a successful long-term growth strategy. But while what many consultants may offer looks very promising, it is clear that you want to [...]

Recruitment Consultants – What Exactly They Do To Get You A Job

What these recruitment consultant know about? What is the role of a recruitment consultant. Different people have different experiences of recruitment agencies. For some recruitment agency was an agency that searches for your prospective and positions that suits your requirements and would give you periodic reporting. For others, these are the agencies which would require [...]

What You Need to Consider When Investing in a Business Consulting Franchise

What Experience Do You Have? You will have a major advantage if you already have experience of running, or working within, a successful business; or in sales and marketing; or in lecturing in business studies and marketing; or in business or marketing consulting. Having the right kind of business experience, expertise, and knowledge already, puts [...]

Consulting – How to Dress to Impress

The English saying “The clothes make the man” could perhaps be seen as a business truism or fundamental, and in no industry is this more apparent than the consulting industry, where appearance and perception is everything. Consulting as a sector relies greatly on reputation and branding regardless of size. Whether your business is a global [...]

Wickenburg Marketing: The Most Promising Online Marketing Service Provider in Arizona

For Immediate Release: April, 2018: Online Marketing is a way to achieve your desired sales target with minimum effort. It helps you to increase your online visibility and popularity on internet. It provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels. With the aim of making your products and services [...]

Experience Highly Pleasurable Stay at an Affordable Hotel in Lubbock TX

For Immediate Release: Lubbock, TX, 19 April, 2018: If you are looking forward to getting away from your regular life full of work, then you can plan a getaway to the city Lubbock in Texas. There are several hotel options available for visitor’s stay. If you need a well-reputed hotel in Lubbock TX, then Studio [...]